Birmingham Clean Air Zone in your car

Clean Air Zone CAZ - when &  where you need it most

Whilst there has been much talk of the the Birmingham Clean Air Zone in town , there's nothing better than having fresh, clean air around you - INSIDE your car - when you are driving around Birmingham.

Clean Air Zone in Your Car

It's best to have your air con system serviced every 2 years to make sure it continually blows out cold fresh clean air. Some times bacteria can build up in the AC pipes  , resulting in nasty smells blowing out of your vents.  By deep cleaning these vents and regular servicing, you can always have fresh clean air when you need it the most.  We should never forget about the quality of the air inside our car , we also recommend that you have your cabin filter checked also as this is not usually changed as part of smaller services e.g. an  oil service. Most cabin filters also have a carbon filtration system built in, so as well as reducing hayfever from pollen particles, the carbon filter also reduces the amount of poisonous fumes that get into your car.  Remember to also use the recirculation button that stops outside air being pulled in and also keeps the car cooler.


Dan's Air offer a mobile service to your home or work to regas , repair or service your cars air conditioning system. We cover all of Birmingham and Coventry.


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