Regas my air con system


What the Air Conditioning re-gas service includes:

1: We come toyour Home or Workplace Times to suit you.

2: Analysis of existing refrigerant 

3: Visual inspection of car aircon system.

4: Recover existing refrigerant from system.

5: Evacuate the aircon system.

6: Pressure Test with Nitrogen - Inspect for leaks.

7: Vacuum System for 30 Minutes  plus to remove Moisture.

8: UV leak detection dye.


9: Replace PAG oils as required.

10: Re-Gas With R134a Refrigerant to Manufacturer Spec


11: Run System Test & Report any Issues.

Mobile air con regas services in Birmingham


Regas  - Service - Repair install car , van ,truck and motor home air conditioning systems.

Mobile car air conditioning regas
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